Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Annotated Castle Projects

Create an annotated "drawing" of a castle.  Due Friday, Sept. 22.

Create either a Motte and Bailey castle or a 13th century castle.  (You may trace. You may use methods other than drawing.)

You may draw all or part of the castle.  You may do a "bird's-eye" drawing.

Include 10 annotations (2-3 sentences).

  • Six should label and explain a part of the castle
  • Four should label and describe a person (monarch, lords/ladies, knights, peasants)
Annotations should contain lots of historical information

Drawings (artwork) should show effort.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Rikki Tikki-Tavi and the Hero's Journey

Create a small poster explaining how Rudyard Kipling's short story illustrates the elements of the Hero's Journey.

Use the model on pages six and seven of your English journal as a guide.  Include as many elements of the Hero's Journey as you can.

Include the following on your poster:
  • The title and author in fancy lettering.
  • A circle showing the path of the Hero's Journey. (See page 6/7 in your English journal.)
  • Colorful, large illustrations.  
  • Names of elements in the Hero's Journey
  • Written explanations of how Rikki Tikki-Tavi shoes each element. These should be short paragraphs.
Please see Mr. Chester for large blank paper if you need it.

Projects will be graded on:
  • How well they explain elements of the Hero's Journey.
  • How creative they are visually.
  • Overall visual quality.
  • Correct grammar and spelling.

This project is due on Friday, Sept. 15.

This is a 75% grade.  

Your poster will be on display for a gallery walk. 

If you need to re-read the story you can find a copy of it here

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The Vikings

Visit this page on History.com to learn about the vikings.

Start by watching a few of the videos.  Be sure to use your earbuds if you are in class.

Now read the article.  While you are reading, take Cornell style notes on each section.  Be sure to set up your notes in two  columns, a thin one on the left for topics and questions, and a wide one on the right for your notes.  Notes should be bullet points, not full sentences.

When you are finished write a one paragraph summary of the article at the bottom of your notes.

Do this all on binder paper, not in your history journal.

Bring these notes to class on Tuesday, Sept. 12.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Art Show Review Drafts.

Write a two paragraph review of the Hero's journey posters from today's gallery walk.

Paragraph #1: Review the entire show, all of the posters.

  • Where was the show? (Room C-5)
  • Who made the art? (Students)
  • What does all of the art show? (Hero's journey, various movies and stories.)
  • What is the Hero's Journey?
Paragraph #2 Describe one (or two) posters in detail.
  • Who made the poster?
  • What does the poster show?
  • Why is it a good?
    • Give three to five reasons with details
    • Use specific details.
This should be typed up in MLA format for Thursday.  Bring it to class already printed.

Monday, August 28, 2017

History Do Now! The Fall of Empires by Thomas Cole

This is "The Fall of Empire" by Thomas Cole, a 19th century American painter.

Use this picture as either the beginning, the middle or the end of a story that you create.  

Start by doing a quick sketch of the painting, all of it or just part of it, in your history journal.  

Next, on the same page write a story based on the picture.  Write only the parts that are not the picture.  For example, if you decide to make the picture the end of your story, then you would write the beginning and the middle.  Then you would write see picture as the last line of your story.  Each part of the story you write should be one paragraph.  

This entire assignment must fit on one page of your journal, both the picture and the paragraphs.

Most students will have completed this assignment in class.

What Makes a Hero?

Here are the two videos from last weeks English class on the Hero's Journey.

First is "What Makes a Hero?" which illustrates most of the steps/parts in the Hero's Journey.

Next up is the animation "Dot the World" which is the world's smallest animated movie, made by Aardman studios.  This shows the steps of the Hero's Journey in action.

Use these two videos and the article you read to annotate the Hero's Journey map on pages six and seven of your English journal.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Homework: Rome in Your Home

Due Thursday (Friday for period 4).

Reread pages 10-17 in your history book.

Look for three things in your home (or community) that are a legacy of Roman culture.  Find things in three of the four categories from your notes.

Get or create a picture of each. Pictures should all fit on three quarters of a regular piece of paper.

You may sketch, draw or paint your pictures.  You may photograph things in your house and print out pictures. You may get pictures from on-line sources or magazines.

Bring actual pictures to class on Thursday.

For extra credit points on this project, post a picture in a comment by Thursday morning.