Thursday, August 27, 2015

Some Rome Items You Should Check Out

Stanford's Roman travel website.  Only one class had time enough today to look at this website.  Take a look at it and see what you can figure out about it.  Let me know what you think.

Here is a music video about Rome:

Here is a comedy video about the decline of moral values in Rome from Horrible Histories.  Do not watch if you don't like snakes:

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Your first assignment

Here is your first Internet assignment:

Find someone who knew you as a baby and interview them.  Ask them to describe what you were like. Maybe they have a funny or interesting story about you.  You may interview more than one person.

Write a detailed paragraph based on your interview.  Do not include your name in the paragraph or the names of anyone in your family.  (Use, Father, Mom, my brother, my younger sister, our hamster, instead.)

Type your paragraph and print it out.  (One page maximum.) Paragraphs will be posted for everyone to read, so make sure they are free of embarrassing spelling and grammar errors.

Attach a picture of yourself as a baby to your paper.  You may do this on your computer so the picture and the paragraph are on the same piece of paper or just clip your picture to your paper.  Pictures will be posted with your paragraphs.


We will use the picture and the paragraph for a an activity next week.

I will make every effort to get your picture back to you in excellent condition, but please don't turn in a one of a kind picture that your family cannot live without.  I've never lost a picture before, but you never know.

This assignment is for all  Mr. Chester's English classes only:   3/4 and period 5/6.

Due Thursday, August 27.