Monday, February 29, 2016

Read-In Day Reading

What did you read for today's Read-in?

Let us know in a comment.

Tell us what you read and what you thought about it?  Tell us what your book was about but avoid long plot summaries.  Why you liked or didn't like a book is much more interesting than a plot summary.

Two or three sentences is all you need.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Ch. 20 - Cultural Diffusion in Japan Assignment (Updated)

Complete this assignment on the back of your handout or on other paper that you attach to it.

Finish the Processing 20 handout before you do this assignment.  

Assignment:  Select one of the eight topics on the handout: government, city design, religion, writing, literature, sculpture, architecture or music.  Design a full page advertisement for that topic as it is in Japan.  Be sure to mention what ideas Japanese culture took from India, China or Japan and how they improved upon them or changed them.

Your advertisement should include a title, a slogan, a picture and a brief description of  how Japan changed or improved upon the ideas they acquired through cultural diffusion.

For instance, your advertisement might say that Japanese cities are the best.  It would include a map of a Japanese city and an explanation of how the Japanese took ideas from China and adapted them for use in Japan.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

How did the Archipelago of Japan Come to Be UPDATED!

Do some research into the Archipelago of Japan.  Find out how it came to be according to Shinto mythology and according to science (geology).   Write a 50 cent summary to answer each of the questions below.  Remember, in a 50 cent summary you have 50 cents to spend, each word costs one cent and the words 'a', 'an' and 'the' are free.


1.  According to Shinto mythology, who created the islands of Japan and how did they do it.?

2.  According to science (geology), how did the islands of Japan come to be?

Answer each question in a well written 50 cent paragraph.

Do this on binder paper or typed it up and print it out.  Do not write your final answer in your journal

Due: Thursday, Feb. 25, 1016.

Papers turned in late will not be counted for progress reports and may receive a reduced grade.