Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Mandatory Extra Credit: Mr. Chester's Vacation

California has 58 counties.  I want to see them all!!

So one of my goals is to visit, and spent at least one night in every one of California's counties.  I've already visited 26, so I have 32 to go.

This summer I am considering taking a trip to Plumas County, Sierra County or Ventura County.

Your assignment is to use the internet to help me decide which county to visit.  I'll need to know what there is to see and do in each county, where I can stay and what the good restaurants are.  I don't go to amusement parks, but I do like hiking, history museums, book shops, walking tours of historical sties and neighborhoods and unusual hotels.  Places with lots of California history are a plus.  I don't like staying in large chain hotels.

So, begin by doing a little research on each county.  You can google "visit ______ county" and you'll usually find good websites with local information. You can start by using the links above. Read up on each county and then decide which one I should visit.

Write me a one page letter explaining which county you think I would enjoy the most.  Be sure to list some things to do or see in that county, some places to eat and a place to stay.

This will count  as extra credit by raising one 30% assignment in either English or history to an A.  Be sure to let me know which subject.  Letters must present a good case for that county to earn extra credit.

You may work with a partner, but you must write your own letter.

These are due by Thursday morning.