Thursday, December 11, 2014

College Brochure Projects

If you are having trouble making your brochure this website might help....

If you still have questions you can leave them here in the comments. I will check back on Friday and answer them if I can.

Stay dry everyone.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Latin Roots Book Project: Word List

These are the roots and the words for the Latin roots book projects. 

All projects are due tomorrow, December 9.

  1. foli - leaf: foliage, bifoliate, portfolio, defoliant
  2.  manu - hand: manufacture, manuscript, manicure, manipulate
  3. mal - bad: malevolent, malicious, malady, malnutrition
  4. miss/mitt - to send: missive, transmit, missle, missionary
  5. gen - birth, origin: genesis, generation, gender, indigenous
  6. ped/pod - foot: pedel, pedestal, pedestrian, podiatrist
  7. stell - star: stellar, constellation, interstellar, stelliform
  8. aqua - water: aquarium, aquatic, aqueduct, Aquarius
  9. mob/mot - to move: motor, automobile, motivated, remote
  10. bene/bon - good: bonus, benediction, benefactor, benevolent
  11. cor - heart: courage, encourage, concord, discord
  12. cis - to cut: scissors, incision, incisors, precise
  13. cred - to believe; to trust: credit, incredible, credentials, credibility
  14. dict - to say: dictator, dictionary, predict, contradict
  15. fract/frag - to break: fraction, fragment, fragile, fracture
  16. mem - mindful: remember, memory, memorial, commemorate
  17. port - to carry: portable, import, transport, portfolio
  18. rupt - to break; to burst: erupt, interrupt, disrupt, rupture
  19. scrib - to write: scribble, prescribe, manuscript, inscription
  20. spect - to look at: spectator, specimen, inspector, suspect

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Current Homework

Here is the homework for the first week of December for all of my classes.
  1. Read 150 pages for Friday's Reading Race
  2. Complete your Latin Root book.  See me during lunch if you need to review the word list because you have lost yours.  Due Tuesday, December 9.
  3. Type up a new draft of your Hugo essay.  Use MLA format. Follow the directions that were handed out in class today or use this website.   The website contains directions and a sample page. It may be easiest to use the sample page.  Papers not in MLA format will have to be reprinted. Due Friday.