Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bubbl.us Projects for Walk Two Moons

Projects are due Wednesday, Feb. 25.

To create your Bubbl.us:

  • Go to the Bubble.us website.  There is no 'e' in Bubbl.us.
  • Hit the start brainstorming button.
  • First create an account in case you need to save your work.
  • Sign-in
  • Create your web.  Your web should:
    • have separate bubbles for characters and quotes
    • have about ten characters/quotes
    • use color to group the bubbles in ways that make sense
    • be free of spelling and capitalization errors.
  • You can write on the connecting lines, too.
  • It's better to include page numbers.
To print your Bubbl.us project you can just press print.  If the left side is cut off try exporting your project to your desktop. To do this press "Export" in the top left section of the Bubbl.us screen.  After you have exported your Bubbl.us, open it and print it as you would a picture.

Be sure to put a full heading on the front of your Bubbl.us project. You may write this in pen or pencil.

This is a 70% project since it includes reading an entire book.