Monday, September 28, 2015

Maillardet's Automaton One-Pager

You can use these links to complete the one-pager assignment about Maillardet's automaton.

CBS Sunday Morning video The Lost Art of Automata Lives Again

The Maillardet automaton in action

Read Andrew Baron’s essay

If you have time, check out the videos on this website of a company that restores old automata.

If you finish this assignment before class is over, this is an excellent opportunity to work on the William the Conqueror extra credit.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Annotated Castle Drawings


Your project:

  • Castle drawing
  • Motte & Bailey or a later type of castle.
  • Can be and view of the castle
  • Use the book "Castle" by David Macauly or another image or imagine your own.
  • Must be realistic/historically accurate
Projects must be annotated.
  • 10 annotations total.  (An annotation is a label with a sentence or two that adds information or a definition.)
  • Six of the annotations must be features of the castle.
  • Four of the annotations must be about people in the castle: peasants, lords/noblemen, knights/vassals, and the monarch.
Projects are due on Tuesday.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

William the Conqueror Mini-Book Extra Credit

To help you with this project here's a video about the Bayeux Tapestry.

If you find a good website for this project, please list it in a comment so that other students can take a look.  If you list a good site, then see me for stamps on your Scorpion card.

Get the mini-book directions for this extra credit project from Mr. Chester.

This counts as one assignment in the 30% category for history.  Please complete it by next Friday, October 2.

Life of Charlemagne by Einhard and You

To create your one book about the life of Charlemagne visit the websites below.

But first, watch this video.  Wear your ear buds and beware: video contains strobe effects.

Now visit these websites to learn more about Charlemagne. be sure to watch the video on The Reign of Charlemagne and to read the article aftewards.

For a simpler version of Charlemagne's life visit

To find out how Charlemagne helped spread the religion of Christianity visit  You can't read all of this article, but you can read enough to answer the question.  You can watch the video and read along with it or just read the article.  They are the same.

Monday, September 14, 2015

"Zebra" and the Hero's Journey: Test

English students should complete the Hero's Journey chart for the story "Zebra" for Wednesday.  Do this on your own since it's being counted as a test.

Use the notes in your journal for information about the Hero's Journey.

If you need to read the story again you can find it on-line at this link.

Write your answers in complete sentences.  High scoring tests will fill the boxes with information whenever possible.  A few items have very quick answers. You can skip the "shadow" as there really isn't one in "Zebra".

Completed papers are due at the start of class on Wednesday.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Empress Theodora the Music Video!

To earn stamps on you Scorpion Card follow these steps....

1.  Watch this music video about Theodora, empress of Byzantium.

2.  Look up one of the things mentioned in the video.  Be sure no one has already done that topic by checking the comments first.

3.  In a comment, name the thing you looked up and write two sentences describing it.  I will be checking for plagiarism so be sure to list your sources and to use your own writing.

Correct comments will earn Scorpion Card stamps.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Dot The World Videos

Here is the video from today, Dot the World.  I've also included a video about how it was made.

Earn a stamp by posting a comment about the videos.  Your comment should talk about how the videos relate to the Hero's Journey.  You can relate the Hero's Journey to either one of the videos.  Don't repeat something someone else has already said.  Be sure to include your name and period as part of your comment.  No last names please.