Wednesday, June 1, 2016

English: Poetry Books

Your poetry book should include these items

  • Dedication and introduction. Both on the first page.
  • Black out poem.  Probably on your cover.
  • Animal poems written for William Blake's "The Tyger"
  • 13 Ways of Looking poem.
  • Where I'm From Poem with illustrations.
  • Word Collage
  • Collage Poem
  • Collage Poem illustration.
  • Group Painting Artwork with artist statement
  • Poem Analysis paper
  • Copy of the poem you analyzed.
  • Do Now! writing with illustration
  • Harris Burdick drawing
  • Harris Burdick story, just the final version.
It's possible to put more than one item on a single page.  

Leave your Book Bingo card as visible as possible.

Books are due no later than Monday, June 6. 

This is a 70% project.