Friday, October 30, 2015

Latin Root Word Booklet Assignment

Make a page for each word listed below. Your page should include the Latin root, its English definition, the four example words and one or more pictures related to the root word or the example words.

  1. foli=leaf:  foliage, bifoliate, portfolio, defoliant
  2. manu=hand: manufacture, manuscript, manicure, manipulate
  3. mal=bad: malevolent, malicious, malady, malnutrition
  4. miss/mitt= to send: missive, transmit, missile, missionary
  5. gen= birth; origin:  genesis, generation, gender, indigenous
  6. ped/pod=foot: pedal, pedestal, pedestrian, podiatrist
  7. stell=star; stellar, constellation, interstellar, stelliform
  8. aqua=water: aquarium, aquatic, aqueduct, Aquarius
  9. mob/mot=to move: motor, automobile, motivated, remote
  10. bene/bon=good: bonus, benediction, benefactor, benevolent
  11. cor=heart: courage, encourage, concord, discord
  12. cis=to cut: scissors, incision, incisors, precise
  13. cred=to believe; to trust: credit, incredible, credentials, credibility
  14. dict=to say: dictator, dictionary, predict, contradict
  15. fract/frag=to break: fraction, fragment, fragile, fracture
  16. mem=mindful: remember, memory, memorial, commemorate
  17. port= to carry: portable, import, transport, portfolio
  18. rupt=to break; to burst: erupt, interrupt, disrupt, rupture
  19. scrib=to write: scribble, prescribe, manuscript, inscription
  20. spect= to look at: spectator, specimen, inspector, suspect
For the cover of your book, include:
  • an original title
  • your full name
  • a clever Latin phrase or proverb. (You can find these on-line.  Google "funny Latin phrase" or something like that until you find a really good one.
  • the Latin phrase in English
  • illustrations
This project is due on Tuesday, November 3.  That's election day.  Don't forget to vote! :-)

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