Monday, January 11, 2016

Chinese Painting Homework

Take a look at the painting below titled "Fisherman."  Use the Beginning/Middle/End strategy that we used in class during the fall to write a story about this painting.  Use the painting as an illustration of either the beginning, the middle or the end of your story.  

Start by cutting out the copy of the painting you received in class today and gluing it into your history journal.  Use a blank page.  they write your story around, above and below the painting.  Your story should be one page long.  You can make your story about China or about anything else as long as the painting illustrates either the beginning the middle  or the end of the story.  

Stories are due on Wednesday, Jan 13.

"Fisherman" by Wu Zhen, Yuan Dynasty, 1350 ink on handscroll

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  1. For history what size does the page need to be in option 1 for the yin-yang symbol?