Monday, August 29, 2016

Ancient Rome in Your Home

Find three examples of Roman cultural influences in your community or home.  For example, you might see a building with a dome, a mosaic or a sign containing a word derived (that comes from) Latin.

Take a photograph or sketch each example.  Then write a caption (written explanation) for each one. In the caption, describe the example, state where it is located in your community or home, and explain the Roman cultural influences it contains.

Your examples should include three of the four categories discussed in the first chapter of the history book: art; architecture and engineering; language and writing; philosophy, law and citizenship.  Please review chapter one if you need ideas of what to look for.

It is possible to do this assignment without leaving your home.  You may use internet sources, but all examples must be things found in Novato.

Make sure all three pictures and their captions fit on one side of one piece of paper.  You will be cutting these out to create a mini-theatre flip book on Friday.

For this assignment you may type or write, in black or blue ink.  Be sure to print your pictures before Friday morning.  If you do not have a camera or a camera function on your phone, you may draw your pictures but photographs are preferred.

This is a 30% assignment.

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