Monday, September 12, 2016

"Zebra" Recycled Sculpture Projects - Extra Credit for English

Shortly before noon, John Wilson laid out on his desk the contents of the plastic bags: a clutter of junked broken objects, including the doll and the umbrella.

Using strips of cloth, some lengths of string, crumpled newspaper, his pen, and his one hand, he swiftly transformed the battered doll into a red-nosed, umbrella-carrying clown, with baggy pants, a tattered coat, a derby hat, and a somber smile. Turning over the battered frying pan, he made it into a pedestal, on which he placed the clown.

"That's sculpture," John Wilson said, with his shy smile. "Garbage into people."

- "Zebra" by Chaim Potok
To earn extra credit for English (up to 20 points) create a piece of art using only recycled materials.  You may use new glue and new paint.

You may create anything you like, but you must use only materials taken from "recycling" bins or trash bins.  Be sure to clean them first.

Bring your completed project to class by Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2016 for extra credit in English.  (This will count in the 30% category.)

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