Sunday, April 23, 2017

How to make a journal from an old architectural plan and cool duct tape..

Start with one large architectural plan like this one.

Fold it in half horizontally.

Fold it in half horizontally a second time.

Open it up completely so all three creases show.

Cut along the creases so you have four strips of paper.

Use colorful duct tape or blue painter's tape to tape all four pieces of paper together end to end. You don't have to overlap the paper when you tape each piece together.

You will end up with one very long piece of paper.

Place your strip of paper printed side up.  Fold back one end to make a square and crease the paper. Fold the other way next.  You'll be making an alternating or accordion fold out of the entire strip of paper.

You may have a bit of extra paper that you can cut off with scissors.  Don't worry if our pages are not even. You will fix this once you're done making your journal.

The next step is to tape the left side of your journal together with one or two pieces of duct tape or blue painter's tape.  You journal should then open like this.

Finally, use a pair of scissors or the paper cutter, with teacher's help, to trim the extra tape and make the top and bottom more even. DO NOT TRIM THE SIDES.  Then apply a piece of folded card stock to the front cover to give your journal a strong, colorful surface to create your cover art.

You may now decorate your front cover. Include your full name and the word "History" on your cover. Select one of the people listed here to feature on your cover. Look up some information about the person you selected along with some images. Create a cover about the person you chose including words and original artwork. DueThursday.

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